A diverse group of 65 individuals, ranging in age from 27 to 84 and representing all walks of life, have been recognized as West Louisville Connectors for their success in working for the common good and having the knowledge, respect and connections to effect positive change.


The individuals named as West Louisville Connectors were nominated by others who see them working for the common good in West Louisville and believe they have the knowledge, respect and connections to effect positive change. They live, work or care about West Louisville neighborhoods, including Chickasaw, Shawnee, Portland, Russell, California, Parkland, Park Hill, Park DuValle and Algonquin.

The 65 West Louisville Connectors include school principals, community organizers, pastors, social justice advocates, health care workers, elected officials, economic development investors, social workers, nonprofit directors, entrepreneurs and neighborhood volunteers.

They come from all generations – 4% are 20-29 years of age, 19% are 30-39, 28% are 40-49, 19% are 50-59 and 30% are 60 and over. The majority of West Louisville Connectors are African American (76%), but they include other races and ethnicities. Almost all of them have at least a 2-year Associate degree; half of them have a Graduate or Professional degree. 45% are Leadership Louisville Center graduates and 12 of the 65 were named as Leadership Louisville's Connectors in 2010.

What's a Connector? In his book The Tipping Point, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell called the people who make it possible to bring great ideas into fruition "Connectors," for their ability to create and impact change in their communities by serving as a pocket of trust. Connectors are not always in positions of authority but have a great ability to lead and influence others through their informal networks.


Meet 65 West Louisville Connectors


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