Walmart prototype

I continue to listen to the arguments that the people at the ‪Broken Sidewalk make about poor design, and I am not saying that their arguments are without merit.

This is what I do say however: where were the likes of you as that property has lay barren for nearly FIFTEEN YEARS? Where were you with high-minded development proposals then? How come none of you folk approached the Bridgewaters family with proposals and capital?

Where was the incentive for Walmart to do an urban design with $1.9 million, as opposed to the tens of millions more that was obtained in the Bronzeville Chicago project?

Communities such as West Louisville get squeezed on two ends. One comes from the hand-wringing liberals that are looking to scuttle a project that will bring commercial traffic, shopping convenience, and jobs (and yes, even Walmart jobs matter when you have community unemployment numbers approaching 20 percent or more) to West Louisville, and the other comes from the prejudiced, negative individuals who revile the places and people that live in West Louisville.

Frankly, for the economic and developmental future of our spaces, we could do without either.