Here we are again. Today, there is an important zoning meeting that has been rescheduled for March 2, and by no means is this quite a done deal...but I say we should move on and act as if it is.

Let the development happen. An important first step for the step back for the commercial possibilities for West Louisville is opportunity. The increased foot and car traffic and the dollars that people will bring represent opportunity – opportunities for sisters and brothers to create circular markets that will provide opportunities for the West Louisville entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of them.

To make the jump from a reactive body of individuals and groups to a proactive one will take a focused preparation rooted in a love for the people and communities in West Louisville that has rarely been executed well in the last forty years. It is going to take levels of self-awareness and self-criticism that we have been hard pressed to do, and a better focused effort toward working together and using what we have to develop solutions for communal benefit.

What this 18th and Broadway development does is deliver customers. You have thousands of people, and dozens to hundreds of cars coming through the areas to shop every day. What spaces can West Louisville people create that they can market to these groups of people? As we start to think seriously about this, perhaps we can starting thinking about commerce and control differently - and Narrow The Gap! wants to be there with you every step of the way.

Until the next time.