For entrepreneurs, the biggest part of the job title is creating solutions. How well an entrepreneur understand the art of creating solutions will determine how far they make it and succeed. If the project is software development, business development, marketing campaign, politics, fundraising or professional and personal growth, knowing the art of creating solutions will separate real cats from the lightweights.

In this article, we want to show the brothas and sistas how to create applied solutions to their hustle. One of the things in the African-American community I personally want young cats to observe is how these Black leaders do not focus on creating solutions but just running their mouth. The 3rd Strategic Institute and Dream and Hustle – we focus on solutions and what we always bring to the table and that's why cats respect me and my crew more than these Black leaders and Black business magazines.

Creating a solution is a phase in the development process after you decide what you want to do and right before you begin any real work on your hustle. Solution planning is the most critical part of your hustle and your hustle will either succeed or fail based on how well you define the solution approach. We were not taught solution patterns and practices in the inner city public schools because educators obviously did not want us creating solutions in America or in our personal lives as well as solutions for our community.

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