After a delay of roughly four hours, President Barack Obama apologized to the small crowd eager to hear him speak at the downtown Louisville headquarters of tech company Indatus on Thursday.

"Well, first of all, sorry I'm late," said Obama. "I had a couple things I had to do."

One of those "things" being his announcement in the White House rose garden of a major breakthrough in negotiations with Iran to prevent their ability to build a nuclear weapon, which in turn might prevent America from being involved in yet another large-scale war in the region. The crowd, made up of Indatus employees and select city leaders, certainly had no hard feelings for the commander-in-chief.

The purpose of Obama's visit was to tout the Code Louisville project, which recently received a $2.9 million federal workforce innovation grant to expand its free training in computer software coding. Indatus is one of 20 local companies pledging to hire those who have gone through the training, which does not require a college degree.

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