More from fellow brother blogger and podcaster Benjamin Dixon:

Bad cops are protected by 'good' cops either through direct action, fear, or complacency. So I do not apologize to the good cops for what I am saying about the bad cops they should have gotten rid of a long time ago. The culture of any institution, over time, becomes one of self-preservation. Loyalty that was designed to serve the community begins to be self-serving. And so long as the leadership of the city in which these officers serve is complacent with, apathetic to, or unable or unwilling to change the culture that breeds police brutality, the problem will persist. And so, the solution is clear. We must overthrow those in power by voting them out of office and by voting in every election — especially the mayoral elections.

That is the only–yet highly effective–solution. If the city officials realize that they are only in power by virtue of our vote, then they will ensure that the police actually "protect and serve." They will ensure that a culture of mutual respect is fostered."

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