The Cedar Gardens project in the Russell Neighborhood was a dream deferred.

Originally started in 2005 with the goal of building 43 new homes in the areas bounding 19th and 20th east and west, and Cedar and Muhammad Ali bounding north and south. However, the builds stalled at 14 in 2007 after the housing crisis and subsequent recession.

On August 27, Mayor Greg Fischer announced a plan to make good on the original goal. The Louisville Urban League's Rebound program and Community Ventures Corporation are partnering with the city to start construction on 29 new single family homes.

The last week featured multiple pieces of news on the Russell neighborhood. Development plans are underway for work at 18th and Broadway with a construction of a new Walmart and YMCA. Louisville Central Community Centers also announced the findings of their West of Ninth Visioning Planning Project.

"The new development also is going to complement what everybody sees as the steady pace that we're seeing in the Russell neighborhood," said Fischer.

Louisville Metro is putting $1.4 million into the $6 million project. The homes start at $98,000 and will range from one to three bedrooms.