1. A more equitable distribution of state government contracts to African-American businesses.
  2. The advancement of an educational curriculum in Kentucky that positively reflects the contributions of Black people and Black culture.
  3. Reforming gun regulation and legislation that has made it easier to buy a gun in West Louisville than a piece of fresh fruit.
  4. Judicial diversion programs (i.e. educational opportunities at HBCUs).
  5. Restoring full citizen rights to ex-offenders.
  6. Ending the privatization of prisons and prison gerrymandering.
  7. Protect citizens who cooperate with police and other authorities during investigations.
  8. Educate Kentuckians on the consequences of past and present racism and injustice to both Black and White citizens.
  9. A public apology to Black people from the Commonwealth of Kentucky for past and present injustice inflicted against the Black community.
  10. Provide tangible opportunities for preferential treatment to Blacks as a corrective to centuries of special mistreatment and to provide African Americans with an opportunity for equity in critical areas such as employment and housing.