This is Narrow The Gap!, a community-inspired initiative to address the concerns and needs of citizens of the neighborhoods that make up the West End of Louisville, Kentucky.

What we are:

  • We are a news site - we will pull in useful information from all corners of the web to inform and educate those that seek it. We work mightily to provide you content that can help you and those that you love do what you do that much better.
  • We are an information site - we have multiple affiliates and partner sites of like mind where we share their links and information. We also provide reference and resources for both community-based nonprofit organizations and resource tools for aspiring urban entrepreneurs to encourage them to, as Booker T. Washington said, "drop their buckets where they are" and take the initiative to create businesses in West Louisville. However, West Louisville's market does not have to be your sole base. We strongly encourage the use of 21st century resources - social media, and the modern web - to expand one's reach to global markets and people.
  • We are an empowerment site - our ultimate goal at Narrow The Gap! is to enable the people who live in the multiple neighborhoods that make up what we call "West Louisville" to have greater control over their lives and destinies. We strongly believe that this process is helped with personal self-reflection and awareness, the imperative of further education, whether it be formal advanced academic or professional improvement or self-study in modern technologies such as coding or learning additional foreign languages. We believe in the importance in collective work and responsibility between individuals and organizations, and a community that changes its focus where more West Louisville residents pursue entrepreneurship, and that the people have a greater collective sense of responsibility to buy from and support these businesspeople in our neighborhoods.

In a cluster of neighborhoods that have been underserved and maldeveloped over decades, we understand that this commitment is essential to the healing of our communities and the reduction of the disparties between West Louisville communities and the more affluent ones in the eastern end of the county.

This site strives to be your community's One-Stop Online Shop to find community news and capacity-building programs and projects. If you are seeking resources for yourself, your children or others that you care about, we are here to help.