We are steamrolling toward April as the first quarter of 2016 closes. Where are you headed? What is the direction that you and those that you love are headed? How about the fates of those you kind of know…and even perhaps those that don’t know…or maybe even don’t like? Do you know? Are you sure?

I thank you all for your readership and your support these last 18 months. We love providing these resources to the community and we are committed to do it even better in the months and years ahead.

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Minister Jerald Muhammad, and brothers Michael R Hicks and Mark Muhammad Jr. discuss the University of Louisville men's basketball team self-imposing a one-year postseason tournament ban.

Special guest Kevin Reed calls in and shares his thoughts.

My end-of-the-year piece focused on the journey that I seek to take with you, to develop patterns, practices and cultures that can help more Black folk change their fortunes, improve their well-being and transform our neighborhoods.

I have to share an important and connected story. As I have been studying and working with brothers and sisters on urban and business development projects, one group of people that I was working with, where I believed I was a good citizen and seeking to grow and learn with, the owner of the group didn’t trust my intentions and removed me from the group. This hit me pretty hard. I certainly wasn’t expecting a decision like that, and it was a serious inconvenience with the projects and the community of people I was working with. All of a sudden, I was instantly cut off from the laboratory and the relationships I was forming with other members of the group.