The Leadership Louisville Center is now accepting project proposals from nonprofit organizations for both the Yum! IGNITES Louisville Challenge and Encore Louisville. Both of these offer tremendous value to the nonprofits that they help, and we have more capacity than ever to help local agencies.

Please take a moment and forward this email (or share this information) to any nonprofits you think could use a boost. Proposals are being accepted now through August 28, 2015.

Please visit this link to learn more about each program and how to submit a proposal. If the nonprofit has any questions, please email Jeanine McKenzie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Responding to virulent community protests, the nonprofit developer of the internationally-acclaimed West Louisville FoodPort dropped plans Thursday for a methane plant powered by decomposing food waste.

Nature's Methane, the company poised to build a $40 million composting facility at the FoodPort on five acres at 30th Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard, is no longer part of the development, Seed Capital Kentucky project director Caroline Heine said.

Amidst widespread community opposition from activists concerned about longtime industrial pollution in the West End, Nature's Methane has also postponed a presentation to the Board of Zoning Adjustment Monday on plans for a second $40 million methane power plant at 17th and Maple streets to compost waste and return natural gas to the Heaven Hill distillery, Nature's Methane CEO Steve Estes said.

The notion of importing any kind of waste into the West End — never mind its use in a sealed composting facility to create environmentally sustainable power — has ignited fury among activists who invoked decades of Rubbertown's legacy of negative impacts on the health and safety of neighborhoods nearby.

Rest of article from Jere Downs can be read at the Louisville Courier-Journal.

West Louisville Math and Science Project, Inc. is hosting a 

FAMILY FUN MATH EXPLOSION on August 1st at the 
Southwick Community Center from 2 pm- 4 pm with dinner following. This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

If you are unable to volunteer but would like to support this family-centered educational event, we need the following items for our meal:

1.) Drinks - tea, lemonade or water
2.) Fruit- watermelon, oranges, apples and bananas
3.) paper plates, cups, bowls and napkins.

If you want to donate the above items please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and in the subject line put: "Donations for FFME FAMILY DINNER". 

You can also drop the items off at the Southwick Community Center on Saturday, August 1 no later than 1:30 pm.  

For questions please call 502-551-4734 or 502-262-1503. Leave voice message if we are unable to answer.

In Service and Community...

West Louisville Math and Science Project